NFTs for the Real World

Grow community engagement & brand loyalty with digital experiences powered by Collectibles & NFTs

No wallet or web3 experience needed to start!
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  • 🏅 For Events & Meetups

    Distribute Proof-of-Attendance NFTs, Digital Certificates, and other cool & special memorabilia.

  • 🔥 For Brands & Creators

    Create and sell unique Digital Collectibles & Merchandising for your community.

  • 🎫 For Collectors & Fans

    Keep digital memories from your favorite events, trade items, and get access to exclusive offers & perkrs

The only platform you'll need to build NFT-powered experiences for your community & events.

With a simple interface and hiding all the complexities of Web3.

Made for the real world & real people.

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  • 1

    Create Proof-of-Attendance NFTs & Collectibles for events

    Whether you are hosting a social event, a conference, or a learning course, Crowdclass allows you to give public recognition to your community with digital collectibles like proof-of-attendance badges or digital certificates.

    Easily create collectibles with our authoring tools. It takes less than 5 minutes to build your first Proof-of-Attendance badge or Digital Certificate for your event.

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  • 2

    Manage different collections

    Build different collections based on your activities, and organize the collectibles and NFTs you create with an easy-to-use managing interface.

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  • 3

    Send NFTs with e-mail or QR Code

    Don't worry if your users know or do not know anything about Web3 or if they even have a wallet.

    We take care of that with a simple and guided clain and mint process that hides all web3 complexities, making sure that every user has the chance to claim and keep their collectibles independently of their level of experience.

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  • 4

    Increase your Social Media presence

    Extend your brand visibility!

    Crowdclass has several embedded sharing mechanisms to empower users to share what they collect and win, providing a way to transform every user into a brand ambassador.

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  • 5

    Analyze & Improve

    Check how your community is engaging with the collectibles.

    For example, who is claiming, who is sharing, and have an overview of the success of a specific campaign?

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And much more coming...

  • Treasure Hunts: gamified activities using Location-based NFTs;
  • Challenge-based Collectibles: create challenges for your community and fans. Reward them with gifts and unique digital awards.
  • Provide exclusive content: NFT-gated content for your audience;
  • Sell & Auction NFTs: Sell and auction unique pieces;
  • Connect & Integrate: Connect Crowdclass with other systems with our APIs;
  • Create your custom branding with our white label solutions.

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