Nativz case study: Creating powerful fan connections through a digital membership scheme

published on 10 August 2023

Nativz, a Dublin original Esports organisation, is making its inception into the world of web3 by leveraging nascent blockchain technologies with a partnership with Crowdclass.

Through this exciting collaboration, Nativz has tapped into the endless potential of member benefits and community engagement that are now available to the esports ecosystem!

a. A new world for entertainment & sports

The dynamic world of Esports has attracted fans of all kinds and from all ends of the world to this amazing community of gaming lovers. Isn’t that a beautiful feature of the modern world? A community unbounded by location, time, and space.

Thanks to the internet, Nativz understands that supporting their community’s support and loyalty is no longer a relationship that is simply just consumer and product. It is more than that, and it's leveraging the blockchain and NFTs to push that further.

II. Nativz Citizen memberships, powered by Crowdclass.  

Fan engagement and community building are essential for any type of team. Without this, the team dynamic breaks away, and Nativz has recognised the importance of this. Crowdclass recognised that more could be done to unite supporters and teams to create meaningful relationships extending beyond spectator and consumer and move towards a more inclusive one.

Let me take you through a simple example of a fan & members journey:

  • You come home from a busy work day, and nothing is more exciting than checking up on your favourite esports team.
  • Nativz has announced that they will be playing a high-stakes world tournament, and they want the community to participate in a meet and greet to explore game tactics and new features.
  • You have just purchased your Membership and have the key that unlocks exclusive member benefits gaining priority access to all things Nativz, including that meet-n-greet!
  • A community call is organized in Discord, and a voting mechanism is set up on the website, using a token-gating tool only Key holders can participate in.

And with a simple interaction, Nativz built a bit more connection with their biggest fans & members.


III. Let’s dive deeper into what the Nativz membership looks like? 

The membership program has been carefully developed to provide long-term value for Nativz fans and the community. 

Nativz keys unlock access to exclusive events, products, player and creator meet and greets, one-of-a-kind drops, partner offers, and more to their holders.

In the same fashion that a physical key unlocks a door, the digital key opens up access to benefits across all the worlds that Nativz exists in, whether digital or digital.

The perks come in the form of exclusive chances to meet your favourite Navitz pro players and creators and receive the pro jersey every year. This is not a one-stop, dead-end benefit, as the perks will continue and keep coming as long as you renew and hold your keys. 

Members' voices matter too, and Nativz wants to ensure you are heard. Through membership, you have a real say on decisions regarding the direction that Nativz takes as they expand into the esports ecosystem.

IV. Why Blockchain and NFTs are perfect for memberships

At Crowdclass, we believe in empowering communities with true ownership of their membership keys, giving them the freedom to hold or sell their keys as they wish.

To achieve this, we have embraced the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By adopting NFTs, we can imbue membership keys with unique traits, unlocking greater utility and ensuring seamless verification on the Nativz platform. 

a. Ownership

By integrating blockchain technology, Nativz takes a significant step towards giving its users true ownership of their membership keys.

Unlike traditional systems where central authorities retain control, blockchain technology ensures that users have complete control over their assets. This shift aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the Nativz community and promote decentralised ownership.

b. Authentication and Utility:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) play a pivotal role in reshaping how membership keys are perceived and utilised. 

Each NFT-backed membership key possesses unique traits, making it stand out. This uniqueness enhances the key's value and utility, setting it apart from conventional, interchangeable assets. 

Additionally, NFTs allow us to prove ownership without a doubt when a user connects their key to our Nativz platform, adding an extra layer of security and trust.

c. Seamless Interoperability with Future Enhancements:

Our decision to utilise NFTs ties directly into our vision for the future of Nativz. 

By embracing blockchain technology, we pave the way for future integrations that will revolutionise how communities interact with services offered. 

These integrations will bring further benefits and unique experiences for fans, reinforcing our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and maintaining interoperability

d. Going Green with Polygon:

In our pursuit of eco-conscious practices, we have chosen to work with the 'proof-of-stake' blockchain, Polygon. By doing so, we actively reduce our environmental impact compared to 'proof-of-work' blockchains like Bitcoin.

The Polygon blockchain operates with significantly lower energy consumption, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and responsible technology use. 

V. Interested in working with Crowdclass to build your membership scheme?

Community engagement and giving back have never been more important in gaming, and we are here to help you bring your team and the loyal fans together to show the importance of having supporters turn ideas into reality. 

We are here to offer an off-the-shelf membership solution or premium services tailored to your team and are ready to help you give back in an easy and stress-free approach. 

You can find all the info on the official website and the FAQs.

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