Transforming Event Experiences: The Success Story of Bitalk Summit's Surprise Proof-of-Attendance

published on 29 May 2023

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, fostering meaningful connections and driving attendee engagement are crucial steps for the success of events. Bitalk Summit, a prominent event dedicated to entrepreneurship, partnered with Crowdclass to implement Surprise Proof-of-Attendance NFTs.

Entrepreneurship is all about connections, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing for continuous growth, and events certainly play a vital role in fostering meaningful interactions and driving attendee engagement. In this context, they not only provide valuable content but also create immersive and unforgettable experiences that spark inspiration and fuel the entrepreneurial journeys of the audience.

This success story explores how a company understood those facts and embraced this innovative engagement approach, transforming their event experience and achieving remarkable results. 

Bitalk Summit, a leading event focused on entrepreneurship, aimed to create an immersive and exclusive experience for their attendees. They collaborated with Crowdclass to develop a collection of 250 generative and uniquely designed Proof-of-Attendance badges, utilizing the power of NFT technology.


OK, but…Why Crowdclass?

Joining forces with us was a strategic move for Bitalk Summit. Plus, both sides were fueled by a deep passion for crafting unforgettable event experiences that leave attendees in awe, and that made the click.

“When it came to choosing the perfect partner to bring our vision to life, Crowdclass stood out among the crowd”, 

Tocha, from Bitalk Summit

Moreover, “The decision-making process was no easy task. We meticulously weighed numerous factors to ensure we made the right choice. Crowdclass's expertise in event engagement and their innovative use of NFT technology played a pivotal role in capturing our attention. We were captivated by their proven track record of success and their genuine commitment to delivering exceptional results.”

We can say that our commitment to creating unique and memorable event experiences aligned perfectly with Bitalk Summit's vision. 

The unique NFTs that we’ve been creating showcased our ability to deliver exclusive and personalized digital memorabilia, ensuring that attendees would have a truly remarkable and collectible item to treasure.

The Power of 90s (percent)

It's not surprising to say that the use of digital badges has been recognized as an accelerator of results, with several brands embracing this concept, starting from the metaverse context. The beauty of such experiences is that they can also be accomplished in the real world.

The implementation of Surprise Proof-of-Attendance NFTs proved to be a game-changer for Bitalk Summit, driving exceptional results and elevating event engagement. 

They witnessed an impressive +95% participation rate, with the majority of attendees claiming their Proof-of-Attendance badges. This remarkable response showcased the inherent appeal and desirability of the NFTs among the event participants.

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience is key, it was Crowdclass's user-friendly platform and seamless integration with Web3 wallets that truly stood out and one of the main factors that influenced the outcome. The ease of claiming the NFTs, with no prior onboarding required, ensured a smooth and accessible experience for the participants. This streamlined process allowed an impressive percentage of attendees to claim their badges, demonstrating the effectiveness of our services.

Within a span of less than 2 minutes, Bitalk Summit experienced a surge in demand, with over 200 collectibles claimed. The seamless and user-friendly claiming process eliminated any barriers or onboarding requirements, allowing attendees to swiftly acquire their exclusive digital memorabilia.

Engagement & Data are the New Gold

It’s been proven that the use of digital badges in an educational setting motivates and engage students with attendance. 

A study suggests that using digital badges as rewards for students with varying attendance rates can effectively limit absenteeism and motivate a broader range of students, rather than solely focusing on those with perfect attendance.

When applied to all-things-event, the logic is the same, meaning these NFTs have the golden power of driving engagement in both event and educational contexts. Digital badges offer a tangible and lasting reminder of participation, serving as a motivational tool and fostering a sense of accomplishment and recognition among attendees.

Through the lens of engagement, event organizers can also glean crucial information about the attendees' level of involvement, satisfaction, and overall experience. Tracking attendee participation enables organizers to identify the most popular sessions, activities, or networking opportunities, allowing them to refine their event offerings based on attendee preferences and demand.

Additionally, gathering session feedback provides valuable insights into the quality of content and speakers, aiding in the identification of strengths and areas for improvement. All advantages!

With this data, event organizers can go the extra mile for their audience. And that’s what Bitalk Summit did.

Don’t Forget to Become Unforgettable

In line with their dedication to providing exceptional value, Bitalk Summit is now offering exclusive perks and discounts to participants who have claimed their Proof-of-Attendance badges. This strategic approach not only incentivizes engagement but also encourages attendees to maintain a lasting connection with future events and opportunities.

Bitalk Summit understands the importance of creating unique and memorable experiences for their attendees. They recognize that the modern generation seeks to be surprised and thrilled, and loyalty programs play a crucial role in fulfilling these expectations. As consumer preferences evolve, events must adapt and continually deliver exciting and captivating experiences to keep attendees engaged and satisfied.

Bitalk Summit's collaboration with Crowdclass and the integration of Surprise Proof-of-Attendance NFTs yielded remarkable outcomes. By leveraging the power of generative and unique NFTs, Bitalk Summit successfully enhanced event engagement and fostered lasting connections with their entrepreneurial community. 

This case study exemplifies the impact of NFT technology in creating immersive and rewarding event experiences.

We remain dedicated to empowering event organizers like Bitalk Summit to unlock the full potential of their events through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

You can find more success stories, insights and #CrowdclassTips in our blog, as we continue to redefine the future of events.

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