Celebrate learning using NFTs 🔥🏅

The digital infrastructure to easily create, manage and send NFT badges & credentials.

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And most of all... make it fun, and celebrate learning!

Education, learning, and skill development don't have to be boring.

We help you build an environment where students can build life-changing skills and support their career development while enjoying that journey, making it memorable, recognizable, and meaningful!

How it works? Simple and easy.

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    Create badges & credentials
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    Associate behaviours, skills & achievements
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    Send badges, when eligibility criteria is met
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    Students accept & claim them as NFTs
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    Share & publish in your wallet and on social media

Step-by-step, building an open learning & credentials network, recognizing everyone's education, skills & achievements. 

Make learning experiences more meaningful and engaging with NFTs. 

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    Online Courses

    Use it in your classroom or online courses to recognize learnings and developments. Gamify your learning with NFT digital badges.

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    Events, Conferences & Workshops

    Perfect to be used in events like conferences and workshops to promote engagement, participation, and create a community around your attendees.

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    Quests, Challenges & Hackathons

    Enhance your challenge-based learning with on-chain rewards celebrating achievements and performance.

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    Internal Learning & Development

    Reward your employees, and use Crowdclass to incentivize learning and development in your organization while recognizing skills and growth.

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Major Features

  • NFT Badges & Certificates

    Easily upload and send badges in an open and non-fungible format as NFTs.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Access reports, dashboards, and detailed analytics on how your students are engaging and participating.

  • Easy share on social media and OpenSea

    Easily share rewards on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and NFT marketplaces (like OpenSea).

  • coming soon


    Create new badges with our built-in and easy to use Badge Designer, filled with dozens of different templates.

  • coming soon

    API & Integrations

    Connect with your favorite tools and LMS, and automate credential issuance using our in-app integrations and API.

  • coming soon

    Assessment tools

    Create assessment models like quizzes, challenges, peer-2-peer reviews, and others, and use them to elevate the value of the credentials you send.

  • coming soon

    Public Profile

    Build a public profile around your different learning experiences and the digital badges and credentials you issue.

  • coming soon

    Many more...

    And many more features in the pipeline.

Meet the team

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    Filipe Pereira
    Customers & Partners

     10+ years in Tech Sales & Ecossystem Growth

  • Image 2022 08 26 091550029
    Bruno Costa
    Tech & Software

     10+ years in Full-Stack development

Partners & Supporters

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