Build, distribute, and monetize ultra-engaging learning activities with Crowdclass.

Powered by Gamification & Web3.

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Build ultra-engaging learning experiences.

Incentivize behaviors and achievements and distribute badges and rewards in the form of Crypto and NFTs.


Find your audience.

Publish your courses and learning activities in a community-owned marketplace, where you can have a voice and impact on decisions and governance.


Monetize your activity.

Get better marketplace fees and earn CLASS tokens for active participation and contribution to the community and ecosystem.

Crowdclass is better for educators

Crowdclass allows online teachers, creators, and educators to create better learning activities and be part of an ecosystem where they can be part-owners, influence its progress, and benefit from its growth.

.Engage | .Teach | .Earn

. Engage

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Transform any learning activity into a more engaging one using our Learning Experience Designer. Gamify your course or event with crypto rewards, tokens, and NFT certificates and badges.

Create more engaging educational activities

Gamify your learning activity

Create engaging dynamics for your learning activities, with our built-in gamified Learning Experience Designer.

Incentivize behaviours

Create incentive mechanisms to drive positive behaviors and achievements among your students.

Issue Digital Badges & Credentials

Emit credentials registered on-chain, verified, and validated in a trustless and permissionless manner.

Add Crypto & NFT Rewards

Add tokens and NFTs as rewards for the students

Access Dashboards & Analytics

Access dashboards and analytics about your students’ engagement.

Integrate with other tools

Use our API and integrations to connect directly with your LMS of choice or other tools.

. Teach

Keep up to date Coming soon!

Participate in a new e-Learning marketplace powered by Web3. Designed so that instructors and students are part-owners, share the upside, and benefit from the network growth.

Open Marketplace for courses

Publish your learning activities in an open and user-owned marketplace with gamification elements to drive retention and lifelong learning.


Own a part of the ecosystem. Participate in decisions and governance, and influence the direction the ecosystem will take.

P2P Learning

Learn and teach at the same time. Real learning happens when we share our experiences with others and in peer-2-peer environments.

Permissionless revenue sharing

Distribute revenue among all participants. That includes the primary instructor, content providers, and even active students/tutors.

. Earn

Keep up to date Coming soon!

Monetize your activity, control your marketplace rate, and access financial solutions to create the best possible educational content for your students.


A utility token within the Crowdclass ecosystem and with a Burn & Mint mechanism, designed as the economic driver for community and ecosystem growth.

Control your revenue

Don't let no more e-learning marketplaces set your price. In Crowdclass, you put your rate and control your revenue and how much you want to make.

Learn-&-Earn Rewards

Award students with real value rewards for their engagement, contribution, participation, and achievements


Course creation is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Find supporters and crowdfund your course earlier to create the best possible experience for your students and fans.

The Team

We are senior professionals with a passion for Education and a strong background in Tech Startups and Web3.

Filipe Pereira

CEO / Founder

10+ years in Tech Sales & Ecossystem Growth

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Bruno Costa

CTO / Founder

10+ years in Full-Stack development

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