A move into the Future of Media; TVI’s mark in history with exclusive web3 project mixing NFTs and Virtual Reality

published on 11 August 2023
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TVI celebrating 30 years with NFTs
TVI celebrating 30 years with NFTs

As one of the largest TV channels in Portugal, TVI celebrated 30 years of history by taking the leap into the future of technology and entertainment through a web3 project made possible with the help of Crowdclass. 

Television has become an integral facet of the everyday home experience, from watching the news to your favorite sit-coms. For many, TVI has been the platform that has delivered experiences that will be remembered for lifetimes. 

As the modern world progresses into an increasingly digital future, TVI has recognised the importance of preserving its unique outlet of Portuguese culture through online spaces. 

To many, this may be a new concept, and to others, it may be familiar. Still, this article is going to take you through the journey of TVI on how they utilised Crowdclass proprietary platform to create NFTs, distribute and claim them, as well as redeem the associated offers.

Why create a virtual NFT experience for TVI?

Marking a new step in the world of television and broadcasting, TVI explored ideas outside of the traditional means and looked to innovative technologies, such as blockchain and metaverse, to create unique and inclusive experiences for their avid TV users. 

Television, since its creation, has created memories that have been shared and spread through cultures of all ages since its inception. However, one thing that has characterised this is that people usually experience television through a static lens. The only way to recall highlights and favorite moments would be to go on youtube or trust your memory, which we all know isn’t the same as seeing it live. 

But what if you could access and own a piece of history in video form and experience it in a 3D virtual space? Even better is that this is a seamless, mobile-friendly, and inclusive experience where visitors can buy their favourite collectibles, whether they have a web3 wallet or not. 

The ‘daunting’ world of crypto is not a barrier to entry, and we have carefully made it that way, allowing you to buy any of the collectibles using fiat/ euros. 

How Crowdclass helped make this a reality

Crowdclass is a platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate digital memorabilia and collectibles in an all-in-one platform. To allow TVI to build the perfect celebration for their 30 year history, they utilised Crowdclass to make a mark in television history through this exciting project that is built on the premises of creating direct relationships with your community. 

How to claim your piece of Television History

Owning a TVI NFT opens up a whole world of possibilities, from unique digital pieces to exclusive experiences and even entering the summer party. The power of web3 has allowed you to engage and connect with TVI in a way that was never possible before. TVI has its viewers in its hearts, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, it wouldn’t be the same without all the people and supporters that have made their success a reality. 

 Why we choose a Blockchain solution powered by Polygon

TVI’s NFT collection is powered by the Polygon network and provides a secure, sustainable blockchain infrastructure to encourage a decentralised protocol where control and power is in the hands of those that deserve it and not mediated through centralised means. Each digital collectible is unique and uniquely identifiable as it is fully owned by its buyer. 

Blockchain technology has multiple ways that it can transform how we interact with clubs and organisations that we love and support, especially in a fun and interactive way. Fans can choose to keep their collectibles but can also participate in trading with other passionate supporters, making it exciting and building a vibrant group of individuals who can collectively share their joy of TV. 

How to get involved with Crowdclass to create stronger Fan Engagement

Community engagement and giving back have never been more important in entertainment, and we are here to help you create memorable celebrations for events to give your viewers and supporters a chance to feel appreciated and involved! NFT collections such as the TVI 30 years celebration demonstrated the endless possibilities of how you, too, can build your own NFT collection as a sign of appreciation. 

Crowdclass is here to make this journey for you and your company effortless and seamless without off-the-shelf membership solutions or premium services that are tailored to your needs. 

You can find all the info on the official website and the FAQs.

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