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published on 26 April 2023

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I'm Filipe, CEO of Crowdclass and welcome to the first edition of our newsletter! Get ready for a whole lot of Web3 goodness, featuring fresh updates, inspiring customer stories, and a sneak peek of the events we’ve been part of. Hope you enjoy it.

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What’s inside:

  • Q1 Product updates
  • Poolside Hub opening week highlights
  • Partner spotlight - Talent Protocol
  • On The Radar - Community updates and industry news

What's new on Crowdclass

Starting off with some exciting product updates that we've been working on:

New collection type - Surprise NFT: Create different NFTs and assign different traits, perks, or utilities that are revealed to your customers only after the token has been claimed.

Sell NFTs with Fiat & Credit Card:  We've integrated Stripe to enable you to sell NFTs using fiat currencies and credit cards, making transactions smoother. 

Video NFTs: Amp up your proof-of-attendance tokens, digital collectibles, or certificates by offering them as video NFTs, providing a more immersive and engaging experience for your audience.

White-labeling & Branding: Customize your platform experience with our new white-labeling and branding options, creating a unique look and feel that truly represents your brand.

Create & Redeem Utilities & Perks: Unlock the full potential of NFTs by incorporating extra utility and perks, such as discounts or exclusive event access.

And many more! 

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Reports & Analytics Improvements
  • Help Center Launch & Live Support 
  • Download Certificates as PDFs
  • Exclusive Smart Contracts per Collection
  • Support for Royalties

Poolside Hub - Opening Week

Poolside Opening Week - Image by Nikita Kruglov for Poolside
Poolside Opening Week - Image by Nikita Kruglov for Poolside

Marking its grand entrance, Poolside Hub – the newest hot spot for Web3 startups in Alvalade – kicked off its public debut with a week-long extravaganza! Here's what went down:

  • Folks were searching high and low during our Art Treasure Hunt. NFTs were hidden throughout the Hub, with lucky winners snagging Poolside merch and an exclusive art piece by Denys Boldyriev. 
  • Punch had its first Lisbon session, complete with proof-of-attendance tokens for all. 
  • I had a great chat with Joao Correia Pereira from JUDAS and Miguel Magalhaes from MadreMedia about Web3 & Media, for the latest DenitesTV episode. Be sure to check it out here.
Denits TV - Podcast Filipe Crowdclass-felk9
  • We closed the week on a high note with a delicious brunch and equally delicious conversations, hosted by Talent Protocol & Startup Lisboa. Of course - you guessed it - attendees could claim their badge for the event on Crowdclass!

Partner Spotlight - Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol-gc5wk

Say hello to our Partner Spotlight, where we shine a light on remarkable projects collaborating with Crowdclass! This month, we’re showcasing Talent Protocol - a professional community for the Web3 space. Talent Protocol was on a quest for a more streamlined solution since they started facing issues with POAP and that's when they discovered Crowdclass.
Since then, Talent Protocol has been using NFTs for their Community Calls, Talent Houses, and various events. This has not only helped them to foster a stronger connection with their community but also got them to experiment with new use cases. The Crowdclass platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing their community managers to issue proof-of-attendance tokens effortlessly, making their lives a lot easier.

With Crowdclass, Talent Protocol found a solution that matches their needs. We're thrilled to be their partners and look forward to seeing how they continue to leverage Crowdclass to engage and empower their community.

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